Waking Up Morning Intention

This video is about gently waking up the body, create a positive mindset and set your intention for the day.


This video is about finding balance and stability in your Yoga practice by using confident hands and feet.

Loosening up

This video is about gently loosening up the back and the spine, including a short meditation.

Passive Energizer

A restorative pose that will passively re-energize you. Perfect when you’re feeling tired, down or simply need some new energy for your next step.

Short Practice

This video is a short 12 minute Invigorating Yoga Practice for those busy days where you feel you don’t have time. This sequence will energize you to keep going.

Seated Cat/Cow Stretch

This video is about seated cat/cow stretch. A great way to feel better instantly and a great exercise to do before you make a big decision.

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